About BT & F

AboutKnife_01At BT&F we specialize in bringing innovative & advanced technology to the knife market making professional-grade quality folding knives.

Made in the USA & assembled by hand, each BT&F knife carries a distinctive Brian Tighe trademark look that features original locks & designs that combine tactical precision & metallurgy artistry.

Our mission is to continuously innovate, push boundaries and produce truly inventive & affordable handmade pieces for our clientele.

At BT&F we produce art with an edge.

Brian-Tighe-HeadshotABOUT BRIAN TIGHE

Brian Tighe produces one-of-a-kind, functional and visually appealing knives of the highest calibre. His blades are the product of 25+ years of experience and extensive training in the Tool and Die trade along with a solid foundation in metallurgy, design, construction and heat treating.

Brian’s knives have been featured in hard cover books, magazines, and trade shows, winning “Most Innovative Design” at the 2010 and 2012 BLADE show. He specializes in pocket knives and folding knives with custom locks and steel designs. Through the process of creating specialized Damasteel, stainless Damascus steel, each blade carries unique, detailed patterns. Brian Tighe’s knives are truly “Art with an Edge.”

Brian’s latest venture with BT&F is a natural progression of his career in the custom knife world. By bringing together a team of talented craftsmen and friends, Brian is able to bring his original designs to a much wider audience at more affordable prices.

Above all, BT&F is a group of passionate makers who take great pride in producing high utility and high quality folding knives for knife enthusiasts alike.